crickets = how many silkworms

This is a confusing thing to me too so I'm going to sit in and listen, though I don't think they should only be fed worms on a certain day. Unless you are just wondering how to split it up healthily. I usually give a hornworm once a day (depending on size of course) and feed either four or five roaches (depending on size) or 10 large crickets. My boy is a big eater right now only 7 months, and I've never tried silkworms... they are supposed to be more nutritious that hornworms but they are more trouble in my opinion. So I suppose it could be 3 silkworms that are like 2 inches o_O for twelve pinheads... total guess XD though how old is your baby?
i do not have one yet i really want one but doing all my research first and my wife hates roaches so i cannot feed or breed them so trying to figure out all my feeding situation to avoid her being well you know annoying
ok so if a young cham eats 12 pinhead crickets a day how many medium silk worms should be fed.

If your feeding pinhesds, which are the size of fruit flies, youll be using very small (not medium) silkworms.

You cant exactly equate crickets to silkworms. But you can rough think 2 large crickets like 1 large silkworm.

Have a look at this site to see some calorie and other comparative also.
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