Crickets and worms in Huntsville, Alabama?


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I've just moved here from New York and I'm looking for a trusted reptile supply store in Huntsville. All that seems to be available are petco, petsmart, Walmart, and some bait and tackle ships where I'm sure the crickets are not pet-grade. Do I truly have to drive to either Birmingham or Nashville or do I truly have to break the bank on shipping and handling? Please help, I am running low on food. I can't get a read on the local stores i listed regarding cricket health (or anything reptile related). My friend in New York lost 4 lizards in two days after feeding crickets from a store not highly recommended and I would hate to do the same to my Ernie.
I'm just across the state line in MS. ^_^ Welcome to the land of nowhere. Unfortunately, I'm in the same situation. Walmart, chain pet stores, and bait shops. I either have to drive a couple of hours or order online. I've bought worms from petsmart and places, but honestly it's cheaper to buy in bulk online then pay their prices in store.
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