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Crickets $11.99 per 1000 or $7.99 per 500

Discussion in 'Sponsor News' started by joshsfrogs, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. joshsfrogs

    joshsfrogs Established Member
    Site Sponsor


    All crickets are shipped FedEx Next Day Air.

    Orders placed by 4:00 PM EST ship the same day Monday-Thursday.

    1/8" to full adult size! Order today at:


    72 hour live arrival guarantee no matter what your weather!
  2. jeff stampher

    jeff stampher New Member

    i love you for this.
  3. Ocelot357

    Ocelot357 New Member

  4. radstusky

    radstusky Avid Member

    Shipping costs of $19.50 kinda kills the deal for me sorry.
  5. philanddeb818

    philanddeb818 New Member

    Yes $23.00 for shipping is way too high, but thanks for the post anyway.
  6. ijmccollum

    ijmccollum New Member

    hmmmn....23.00 S&H and 11.99/1000 = what, about 0.035/pc.? Sounds pretty reasonable to me.:)
  7. Dez

    Dez Chamalot Chameleons

    not when u can get them for $18 to $25 shipped somwhere else
  8. ijmccollum

    ijmccollum New Member

    well if you are getting them for < 4 cents/pc shipped, I am absolutely envious.
  9. Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan New Member


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