Cricket Sniper!

Here's some pix I took today of Ace AKA Lucky.
I named him after the character "Ace" played by Robert DeNiro in the movie Casino (one of my favorite movies).

He's also named Lucky because the day he arrived he was practically dead.
It had snowed heavily in my area on the day of his delivery and his package was delayed by 12 hours.
He arrived freezing and eyes closed and I thought he was dead/going to die.
I cupped his little freezing body in my hands for a good 20 minutes and he seemed to come back from the dead... I was VERY happy he survived the shipping ordeal.

He's very friendly and active. He's definitely not scared to climb onto my hand when I reach into the cage for him.
I like to take him out and let him free-range around the house (supervised).

He eats a LOT of crickets and is a heavy sleeper. I can have lights on in the room with music in the background and he'll still snooze no problem.

Sorry if some pictures aren't that clear. I'm still trying to figure out the best settings on my new digital camera.

Here's my baby boy and first chameleon... Lucky Ace!


Cheese! :D





"Gimme the camera! I take better pictures!"




Pajama colors! I will try and take some sleeping pix of him tonight to enter into the photo contest.

I hope he grows up to be as amazing as a lot of the chameleons on this forum. Thanks for looking.
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