Cricket protest


How long would u let the cricket hunger strike go on for?
He is about 7 months old and won't eat crickets anymore but u put a super worm in front of him for one second and it's gone!
I have access to silkies and I've read that they can be a staple
Let me know thanks in advance
And I'll upload some pictures because we all love pictures!


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I would not use silkies as a staple as they can cause runny poop without the correct amount of exo bugs to help them be digested. I have a feeling he could about two or three days without food but I doubt he would. Though I'm not certain. At this age they tend to eat like crazy. I would not feed him anymore supers because they are probably what he's holding out for. Little bugger XD. He's probably become addicted to them, they are the cham crack of the world. Not good for them and addicting. XDDD Silly little things. Plus silks I hear are hard to care for. I've never tried it, but I have tried hornworms and have had no problem with them. I raise them from eggs order about 50 of them and only lose like 4 in a batch. They grow really fast though so I usually have to unload them on someone else.

Good luck with your little one. I do however suggest to broaden your feeder supply to more than just crickets and supers, no feeder should make up more than 40% of a cham's diet.
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