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Well i recently quit my job at the place where i got my crix for like $0.18 a doz and now im off to fend for myself. i wanted to buy just 500 crix and i have a 10 gal tank with screen lid to keep them in but i would like to know a good and fairly cheap place to order from. i currently am considering and can get my 500 adults for $15 but im not positive if that includes shipping too. if it doesnt im all on my own again. thanks
I use reptilefood .com and have been very happy.
I think 1000 crickets is $10.00 plus shipping.
Always packed very well with overcount and very few dead.

I would go with 1000, even if you don't need them. They're going to be maybe a dollar more than 500, and almost every cricket place tries to keep that first 1000 crickets right around the $15-16 mark shipping included. I'm currently in love with's crickets (and bulk packaging methods), but I have used American Cricket Ranch for a long time also, and would recommend them.
I used the same supplier forever for crickets, and just recently decided it was time for a change. The quality, quantity, communication, and timeliness of orders had taken a nosedive recently, and although I hoped it would improve, it hasn't.

So, I decided to give Sunshine Mealworms a try. Only one order of 3000 crickets in two sizes and 500 waxworms so far, and they are a bit more expensive, but the count looked fantastic and everything was very much alive. The wax worms are amazing.. never realized they were so darned frisky. Plus, I live close enough that my order arrived overnight. The extra money is worth the reduction in my blood pressure.. next time, I will place a larger order.

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Keeping crickets in glass aquariums is not the most convenient way of housing them. You can get a large, deep plastic clothing storage bin from kmart (or the like), and cut out a large, square hole in the top. You can then attach screening there (I use a soldering iron to heat the screen and melt it into the lid, but you can glue or use other methods to attach the screen). To keep the crickets dry and much cleaner, you can place a 40 watt bulb on top of the screen. Water dishes, water "gels" or sponges are truly not necessary for moisture. Crickets can get all of the water they need from the fresh, varied greens that you place in their cage. Also remember to gut-load them by feeding crickets oatmeal, grains, and carrots in addition to the mixed greens.

These bins are lighter and far easier to clean. They can be washed in your tub (or even outside with your garden hose) using soapy water and a (very) light amount of bleach solution.
Another tip on cricket keeping.. if you place your adult crickets in containers with a couple inches of moist soil and peat moss, and then keep them well fed while you feed them off, you will be rewarded with a few thousand free crickets a few weeks later for a minimal amount of work.

you will be rewarded with a few thousand free crickets a few weeks later for a minimal amount of work.

Except the reward is not entirely free: you have to sit through plenty hours of adult crickets chirping away... ;)
i wanted to buy just 500 crix and i have a 10 gal tank with screen lid to keep them in

500 in a 10 gallon is sure death for many, will get very stinky and food will get contaminated very quickly. I never keep more than 200 in my tanks and usually more like 100-150max. I personally do use glass tanks and put a piece of plastic canvas on the bottom so the frass falls thru and keeps things cleaner, longer. But for folks keeping thousands that obviously is not practical unless you have 75 gallon tank just for crickets - lol! When keeping that many the big plastic container make a lot more sense.

I don't use crix as much right now but I used to ordered thru premium As for ordering 1000 or more instead of 500 maybe be close to the same price but if you do not have a lot of herps to feed you'll spend more time taking care of the crix! You can also check out feederfinder to compare pricing and companies.
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not familiar with them so let us know what you think of their crix and service - always good to hear first hand!

Keep an eye out for the dermestid beetle larvae (small fuzzy little black larva). The more there are says something about the cleanliness of the breeder. That was what I liked about Premium. Btw, don't let your cham eat them as they have small hairs that shed and can irritate his throat and esophagus.

well i jsut got them today and they all looked great. very few if any i could find dead and only $15 for the 500 well $13 along with $2 charge from DHl for residential delivery. but they got a thing for orders over $13 free 2 day shipping. overall it was great and i will most likely use them next time. o and none of those small beetle things i used to find them all the time at work and they ordered from Bug Box.
I have used Ghanns cricket farm and the and the cricketfactory both only charge $10 per 1000. The cricket factory you have to buy at least 5000 to get it for that price. If you do not want that many it is only $10.50 per 1000. They also have a price for 500. He also sells superworms and mealworms. I have used the cricket factory for over a year and have been very pleased.You can call the on the phone or email. Ask for Dan
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