Cricket housing


hey everyone, having some issues with housing my crickets wondering what you all do. In the warmer months i keep my crickets outside. I like doing this because i dont have to worry about smell, noise, but it isn't working so hot now because it is colder and it is a pain to go outside and get my crickets when its raining or really cold outside. I brought them in but for whatever reason the insides of the containters (normal plastic storage containers you could buy at any store such as Walmart or Target) get very humid i guess and have alot of condensation and it soaks the egg crates. So now i just want to revamp my whole style of cricket care. I would rather keep them inside because it is more convenient to have them in here with me. Sooo anyone who wants to help please explain how to house your crickets and if it works for you..thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just use open top tubs. I get the condensation if I use a lid at all. You could also glue in some screen on the sides. That helps with the air flow and helps keep smell down as well (deaths too!!)
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