Cricket Crack?


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Does anyone use cricket crack from tiki tiki reptiles to gut-load their crickets? If you do how well does it work and how do you feel about it? Even if you don't use it what are your thoughts on it?

I also was wondering how much to use when supplementing. I have miner-all (phosphorus-free calcium WITHOUT d3), herptivite (with beta-carotene multivitamins), and rep-cal phosphorus-free calcium with d3. I'm a new chameleon owner and I just got him last Thursday.

Also keep in mind my little guy (Nosey Be, sire: Elrohir) is about 4 months old from Kammerflage. Right now I'm feeding him just smaller sized crickets, what else can I feed him? (I know the types of insects I could feed, I just don't know if they're available in certain sizes, for example do any type of the worms they eat come small enough for a 4 month old?)
I can't help much with the cricketcrack because I've never used it but would love to get some, just not sure on getting it shipped to Canada. You may be able to find silkies and hornworms that are small enough to feed but don't buy too many at a time because they grow fast and will very quickly become too large. wax worms and butterworms are quite small and a four month cham should be able to handle them. meal worms are a great size but should only be fed (some people wont feed at all) in small quantities because of their hard shell. You may be able to find small supers but I have never seen any small ones. roach nymphs are another idea for a small feeder.
I have heard nothing but great things about cricket crack! Haven't tried it myself since I make my own, but supposedly it's great stuff and everyone on here loves it.
Crick crack rocks man. I get mine from Steve Sims the source for it. Tiki buys theirs from Steve. May as well go to the the original source. Steve is on the forums his name is simsswiss. Pm him he will hook you up with the best gutload out there.
I use cricket crack and I think it's the best. I throw in some carrots in addition occasionaly, but that's it. The crickets look healthy and haven't died as much as they use to, but that may be due to the black cricket hybrid's, lol. Evil things.
Sorry I think I gave you the wrong screen name. I left off one f the s's in his screen name. I give mine the crack and i also offer: oranges, apples, greens, squash, zuchinni, carrots, and strawberries. Whatever extra I have i throw in the feeder bins. (I also feed my dubia all the same things i give the cricks, only fewer romaine and greens)
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