Cricket Breeding Bin?


So my adult crickets started chirping recently, so now it's time to introduce a egg laying container. I tried normal organic soil, but that grew mold right away.

What type of dirt do I need for my crickets to lay eggs in? Also, what's the point behind putting screens on top?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Sand is what I use. Never had mold issues. Spray it to keep it slightly damp.

The lid on a cricket container is to limit escapees.


I also tried soil from my garden earlier this year before I planted or put anything but natural stuff in the soil. I kept it moist/damp but never had any hatch that I noticed. I did get some ecoearth since others had success with it, but it didn't work for me, I think they may have already laid eggs before hand. I am about to try again soon, with some of the new ones when they get big enough.


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i'm pretty sure anything will work just as long as it stays moist and does not contain any pesticides. when you choose a soil, grab a handful, and make sure that it is soft and breaks into dust when dry. however, this wouldn't work with something that is compressed like eco-earth.

little leaf

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I just went to my yard, and got dirt - I also tried all that stuff- and the yard dirt is what worked for me- but we live in the country, and have never treated our yard for pest- the screen - you put it on the egg laying container - otherwise, the male crix will dig up and eat the eggs - keep your eggs around 90, and moist


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missed the part about mold...if that's the problem then use a mixture of vermiculite or maybe even all vermiculite
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