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I'm in the process of making a cicket box to keep and gutload my crickets until they become feeders. So I got a tupper storage box and I was going to cut a decent size hole in the top for ventilation and cover it with mesh. So, my question is where do you find that chicken wire stuff because all i could find was 1/4" wire mesh. The holes seem a little too big, thats why I was asking for some smaller holes and mesh material.
go to home depot or lowes. you want an aluminum screen just like the one people use on the bug screen outside of windows to keep bugs out when the window is open.
np. make sure to get the aluminum screen bc the fiberglass ones will get chewed through by the crickets. also a couple of tips. i'd cut a couple of holes on the sides to make air circulation better. just having the top cut out isn't even enough in my experience. then get yourself some clear packing tape and tape the inside along the top so that the crickets can't climb out of the bin.
I use a very large plastic container, 50 gal or so. 2/3 of the way up On the inside I use packing tape all the way around. I don't even use a lid, the mor airflow the better.
So the top is not covered at all? Or will the screen, or some such, be the cover? I would recommend some sort of cover if you are not planning to use one. Other critters can get into your cricket box and cause damage to your feeders.
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