Crested Gecko + enclosure for sale in Houston area


$350 for everything

It’s for sale in Houston, Texas

I want to sell my crested gecko and it’s cage for future reptiles and if you know anyone or you want one here’s a great opportunity to purchase everything you need.

Gecko Information

Age: 5 years old (under my care for 4.5 years)

Diet: Pangea insect flavor

Misting schedule: once in the morning and at night (1-2 min)

Handled: I take him out of his cage about once a month and he is very tame and fun to hold

Enclosure information

dimensions:18 x 18 x 24 exo terra

Interior: bioactive with micro organisms. One snake plant. 4-5 cork pieces. Feeding ledge (includes bottle caps), pillow and spaghnum moss. Draceana plant (almost dead)

Lighting: reptile led bar includes analog timer

Food: Used apricot and insect flavored Pangea gecko diet with bottle caps

If you have any other questions I’m open to answering anything!!
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