cracking noise maybe


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my chameleon seems to be good we're just getting over slight dehydration and parasite issue with the help of a vet of course and my chameleon is eating, climbing, active now but when i picked him up today and he poofed his ribs out their was a definite noise. I mentioned this to my vet and he said it probably wasn't anything to worry about....the vet listed to his chest while he breathed and said that he noticed no signs of MBD.. does anyone have any experience with this?
Could he have been hissing at you? I sort of hold to the "one time isn't a problem, it's just a sign to be paying attention" rule, so I'd just be on alert for any future odd sounds. If they always happen when you are holding him, I'd be inclined to think it was a negative comment on your attentions.
That is unbelievable!! Thank you so much! I would absolutely love to read the article if its available. I tried listening to the sound files but the file was no longer available. It is truly amazing! What brought you into the study of chameleons?
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