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Ok, my boyfriend and I just bought our first chameleon (Loki). He arrived May 1st. We had him in a separate room so when his lights went off, it was completely dark in there.

Unfortunately, we had to move him into our room because someone is coming to stay with us for about 10 days, and during the summer his nephews stay for about 1-2 months and use that room.

How would we go about making some kind of cover to place over the cage at night without having to take the lights off every night?

i had a suggestion to buy a large bird cage cover to place over top but im not so sure how i like that idea.
would you recommend building something to raise the sheet off the cage a little? my worry is more with not being awake when the lights come on and the sheet still being on
It is up to you if you want to take the time to build something. You could always have your timer lights go on a little later(it will not kill them) so you make sure you are awake. And yes, you have reason to worry as the lights can get very hot and start the sheets on fire. I did it once and they did not start on fire, but the sheet got burned.
yeah when i was little i put a shirt over a lamp and it burned pretty bad. (mostly why i worry about the lights)
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