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can somone help me i have a veiled chameleon and im am currentley using bark chipings is this the best thing to use or do any of you guys recomend anything else
thanks in advance
It is recommended not to use any substrate. Chameleon will shoot there tongue at an insect and it could hit a bit of substrate and it can cause problems. The best thing to use is paper towel IMO. Its safe and easy to clean. You really need a subtrate anyway because chameleons are arboreal, but use paper towels, way safer.

Take the bark out because it can cause impaction in your chameleon if they eat a piece and it is just not worth the risk. I don't have anything in the bottom of my cage and I find it easier to clean this way also. All I have to do it take a tissue and clean the droppings as the happen.

:) hello i have a 8 month old veild chameleon and we have forest bedding in for her the crickets tend to stay on the tree's that we have in for her so it should be ok for her whats your opinions of this?
Substrates if eating by a chameleon causes impaction. No substrate a paper towels is best. Substrate also smell because of bacteria growth and that not very good. Some crickets or worms might go in the substrate and that is a waste. Its the health of your cham that is in danger even if you don't think it will happen, it could. Plus if you drop a super or a mealworm by accident don't be surprised if you find a couple of beetles in the cage. Lol that is one of the reasons I don't use substrates.
Please do. Also if you really want to decorate put a pothos plant on the floor of the cage. It will help make it look good also it will keep the cage humidity up, the reason why live plants are always recommended.

i dont really like to use real plants in case they are poisonous we have always used fake ones.How long have u kept chameleons?
I been keeping a chameleon since 06 but have learned a lot since then. There are poisonouse plants but there a plants that are ok for chameleons. Like pothos, ficus benjamina. There is a plant list that is one the site, that rates plants and tells you which ones are ok.

thanks ill take a look ive put a pic of yelina in my avatar i took it with my camera phone so the quaity isnt very good.

It really is highly recommended to include live plants in the chameleon habitat. Besides helping to raise and maintain the humidity of the enclosure there are the added benefits of improved air quality, lush hiding places and an available vegetarian snack for your veiled.
Although fear of poisonous vegetation is a real and understandable concern, there are (as mentioned) a variety of readily available plants that have been proven to be very safe.
Make sure any of these that you aquire are cleaned very well with soap and water and rinsed multiple times before including them in the environment. I would also recommend replacing the soil with a fertilizer/pesticide free soil and or covering the soil surface with screen and/or large river stones.
Veileds are attracted to soil and will consume it on purpose. perlite, vermiculite and larger pieces of bark or other "peaty" substance often found in soil could result in impaction so better to be overly cautious about this.
I think you will be pleased with the overall aesthetic of the addition of these plants.


thanks for the infomation i really want yelina to be as safe as possible where did u get your live plants from?With me being from u.k dunno where i would get them plants from.
There are several members from your neck of the woods.
Hopefully they can help you.
I would go to my local garden center or greenhouse. Ask what they treat their plants with and be sure (again) to clean them well.

thanks for the infomation i really want yelina to be as safe as possible where did u get your live plants from?With me being from u.k dunno where i would get them plants from.

I used to live in the U.K. - if you can find a garden centre near you they will have pothos and ficus there. If not, then B&Q should have some as well...
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