could it be to much for my cham


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i have a 12in depth 24width 24inch length and i was woundering if that is to big for a chameleon that is the size of my index finger. because he is not eating i think he might be over whemld in there he only spends time in one part i am thinking about puting him back ina 3/4wood 1/4glass enclosure
How are you feeding your cham? What are you feeding him? How old is he? You may need to try some different techniques. You probably want to try cup feeding. Put the cup near the cham's favorite spot, where he can see the food inside. The cup should not be very deep. Attach the cup to a branch or the side of the cage.
i feed him mealworms only because i put crickets in the cage and he never heats them they would be there for weeks. he is a couple of months old. if feeding him by placing the worms on the mesh screen and watch him go to work.
that cage could be wrong right..... I might be wrong but what part is glass?

a pretty small cham.... what kind is of cham is he? What was the age when you got em? Make sure food isnt to big....
You might want to try silkworms. I place them on the leaves within the cage.

Check out this article on the different nutrition values of common food fed to captive chameleons. I only use mealworms on occasion in order to add a little variety. Is he drinking well?
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