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so it’s winter time here in the Midwest and that means cranking up our heat in our homes. I have a jacksons chameleon and as some of you know, they don’t really dig the excess heat. My concern is that at night time when all his lights are off and everything, his temps in his enclosure are still 75 when preferably would be better if it dropped to the mid to low 60s. My question is: how do you guys that live in similar climate circumstances deal with keeping your Chams homes nice and cool to their liking? Thanks in advance


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do u have a screen or glass cage because a screen cage will normally retain the temp around whereas a glass cage will make everything hotter, maybe close off the room your chameleon is in and crack the window for a half hour to cool just that room


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I do three things 1) over the summer when I air-condition my house down to 72˚F at night and in the winter I only heat to 60˚F after I go to bed. So winter is easier for me. 2) I use an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier from midnight to 5am. It gives me a 2˚F temperature drop in the cage area and gives good overnight humidity that the HV/Ac steals. 3) When it's warmer I use an gel ice pack or two on the top of the cage above their sleeping spots. The cold descends and drops the temperature below it.
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