cool bug pets meant for breeding due to short life span

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ALL easy to care for, ALL will be given superb care sheets and constant customer service, just an email or phone call away!

Ghost nymphs L2 - $4.00 each.

Acontista Multi-color pre-sub and sub adults - $12.00 each. (ACONISTA MULTI-COLOR IS A VERY UNDERRATED SPECIES IN THE US!!!) TRY THEM, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

Popa Spurca pre-sub and sub-adults - $15.00 each.

Violin nymphs L2 - $7.50 each.

Get them while you can! Limited amount due to popular demand with my awesome prices, top notch quality and unbeatable customer service!

Email me at [email protected] thanks! I also got some feeder bugs for sale!
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