Congratulations! you are now vice president of pet supply company!


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I think you should write them. There are a lot of “petubers” (ppl on YouTube)that the company pays to promote these kits and the ppl who watch them think this kits are good till they come her to this forum and find out they were lied too


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Move into your corner office and begin your first project of revamping the Chameleon Kit.
What would you have it include?

My list includes; 24x24x48 and 18x18x36 size cage, live plant pot hangers, a dual T5 light fixture, supplement samples of plain calcium, Ca with D3 and a vitamin combo, a dripper that works.
What else would you add? I have more ideas but I don't want to steal all the thunder.
I'd get vines that go around the wall so he can walk around the room at his pleasure. I'd keep the whole room at 75F and 80% humidity in my own slice of Madagascar.


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It should be absolutely made simple especially for the impulse buyers, obviously the upgrade in lighting, size, and supplements also there should be knowledge behind that. But also things like maybe a couple small plates that say sit live plants! , temp gun, extra bred ties! And recommendations to chameleon forums for further improvement on chameleon care.


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Don’t they know chameleon lives matter. We need to start a movement but seriously an update needs to be made at least the lights and taking out the carpet

They should include a booklet in the kits with PROPER care information for the three most popular chams in the hobby, Veiled, Panther, and Jacksons. Add a section with the link to the chameleon breeder podcast as well.
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