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This is my first chameleon she is a veiled chameleon about 4 months old and green all over, I have been looking through the gallery and I'v seen some realy wonderful photographs of veild chameleons and just wondered if mine will eventurly have all the colours on it when it matures or will it just stay green :confused:
Female veileds don't develop the bold patterns and bright colours that the males do, but they certainly develop brighter colours as adults than what she will have now.

Also, females develop interesting colours when they become receptive to mating and when they are gravid (including blue tinges).

Your chameleon should start to show her adult colours and patterns from around 4-6 months. By the time she is a year old, the colours will be far more pronounce, but as I said, she will never be as bright and patterned as the males.
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