Colors of Panthers


Two questions actually...
1. Is there a sticky or thread to show mood colors of Panthers.... particularly female but also males. Baby through adult age?

2.Is there thread or sticky to show color progression of females , baby to adult?

I understand there are variances with each individual


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I'm not sure if there is or not... But all I know is that most chams (or at least mine) will become bright/colorful if defensive or happy, usually its easy to tell. But when they're a darker shade of colors, they can be upset, sick, cold, or in some cases just trying to absorb more light. Most females are usually less colorful than males. I have a veiled but I think its kind of the same thing. Also with panthers, there's not really a good way to gauge what color they'll end up being, without knowing their parents, so its best to wait till they're older too see :)
I'm not sure if this is all correct, and someone can fix my issues if so but hope this helps.
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