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I have had my veild cham for a month now he is eating and drink everytime i put food or what in there. he is sub adult a good size around 4.5-5in. With in the last 2 weeks his color has change dramatically. He is a dark brown/black color on the top of his body this is on his whole back and the brown is surrounded by bright yellow and then green. I have been feeding hom crickets with calcium and the other vitiams and the crickets are gut loaded. I just got him into a nice new enclosure today. 3ft x 2ft x 2ft. I dont know if this will help or what it could be he has also started to shred arouns his eyes??


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I would not worry to much about their colors. With some of mine I have noticed they do get a little darker right before or during their shed. Could be due to it bothering them a little. I figure it is really probably to dry out the layer of skin that is shedding faster. Veileds vary in dominant colors over their bodies. Some will have high yellows, browns or blues. This will take quite some time before you know which one it will be.


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It could also possibly be that he is a little stressed from the move. Chams don't like change much. I notice with mine if I rearrange his plants he gets upset because I've disturbed his "super highway" run. Give him a few days to adjust to his new space, but keep an eye on him at the same time. My cham tends to slow down his eating right before he sheds too.
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