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Hello, i got a chameleon about 5 months ago! I have been doing calcium every other day multi vitamins once a month, and calcium with d3 2-4 times a month! i feed hime 8-12 crickets a day and his mister usually does every 3 and a half hours for 85 seconds (He hates water with a passion). But all the chamelons i have seen on the internet show a lot brighter colors than him. He was a little brighter as a baby and he's vibrant when he is sleeping! But during the day he's not a bright green. he is kind of a jadeish or pine green with plain green or darker yellow stripes. He isn't like almost black or anything and i wouldn't describe it as him runing brownish from being under stress or something either! I know his color when he is stressed! and i haven't had a health problem yet! I just want to see if he's okay or if theres something simple i have not been providing him! Or should i take him the vet? But I came here because you all know a lot! Thanks for the help
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