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When I first brought Jameson home and a few weeks back, handling wasn’t in question. And when he did get handled during cleaning he would be a very dark dark green which I assumed to mean he was stressed and unhappy being around me. Now he’s handled probably everyday for 10ish minutes. I use a feeder to get him to crawl into my hand and he’s normally a very vibrant light green.
Does this mean he’s more comfortable with me and is starting to enjoy time out of his enclosure or is he showing thing brighter colors as an aggression type behavior? He isn’t hissing or lunging, which is why I initially was thinking it was because he was enjoying himself.
Not a dire burnig question, but I’m just curious what others thoughts may be :)


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That’s good to hear.
I wish they came with a chart like how mood rings used too haha.

Quadricornis Mood ring :)

1. Content and relaxed
2. Excited and hunting


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It can be confusing at first because often the most beautiful colors are when they're upset or stressed, but they can also be when they're excited, attracting a mate, or hunting.
My very favorite is while he’s hunting he turns bright bright almost turquoise with little speckles.
If people changed colors like this I would also be that visibly excited when eating lol
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