Colliding Horns


So my Jackson Chameleon seems to have a slight problem with his horns. The horn on his right brow is angled to where it has less than a mm between it and his middle horn which is also curved to point straight up.

Is this anything I should be worried about? I haven't seen anything like this with any other chameleons.


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Is he kept in a glass cage? Sometimes constantly bumping them against a hard surface can cause them to bend.

They do need to be in a screen cage though


They've actually been that way since I got him. And even then, he stays away from the glass. The top is vented though. But thanks for the info. Is there any way to correct it?

One person said (And I don't believe it) to use nail trimmers to clip away a tiny bit at a time. I just nodded my head like I was listening and then walked away vowing to never take information from her again. :eek:
My first cham had this problem and the vet said it wasn't a problem although they weren't nearly as close together... I might get a vets opinion and just get an all around check up.
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