Colin.... or is it carla?


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I have had colin about three weeks now, he has been amazing with me and the kids handling, loves a good crawl up your arm and very social.... I love the feeding too, it's awesome watching the hunt.

So I was told it was a colin at the pet shop, but just lately after reading more about cham's I think maybe he has had a sex change overnight.... he is not wearing drag or anything but I am pretty certain he is a carla and not a colin.

Can someone help me out, I don't want to give him/her a complex, also it may help me decide whether I go for green or green when decorating his/her room :)

Ohh and one of the pics is a bit deceptive.... he/she is not as long as a dining room table :D

much obliged.....



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whats this all about?

Hello robmd1

This is not a forum for guessing or informal chat. If you’re not confident in your identification, or are unable to offer solid reasons to support your conclusion, then please don’t post.

Guess? whats goin on with this site? i wouldnt bother answering with a guess..
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Thats what I thought, I bought HER ;) and was told it was male, but I have been reading a lot lately and thought, I didn't notice anything like that on the heals, took a second look and hey, it's a girl.

Not that it changes much, in fact i think I feel a little more protective of her now.

thanks a lot

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