cold mist fixed!!!


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I recently purchased an auto mister for me cham, and it gets pretty cold here in the bayarea in the mornings , so the water in the bucket gets freezing. Then i bought my self a underwater aquarium heater and drop it in there and it works great. To make the water circulate i got a air pump and a air stone. Just wanted to share. Thanks.
Putting an aquarium heater in your misting bucket is a very bad idea. By raising the heat you've created a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. While the airstone may prevent the water from becoming stagnant, it's also aerating the water which greatly accelerates microbe reproduction. While it may have sounded like a good idea in theory, your chameleon would be better off without it.
The "danger zone" is from 40-140*. To say that one is safer then the other in this range is kind of trivial.
Resourceful idea about the aqua heater for your misting bucket. Bravo! :D
Also... I noticed you are from the Bay area. So am I. I'm MzLizardz at yahoo dot com. I would like to talk to you in more deapth about your set up and what you have. Yeah? Do you shop at EVB? Take care, PJ
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