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thinking of ordering a POD of silworms and hornworms from coastal silkworms .... my panther will only eat crickets... i have two feeder cups one for crickets and one for dubias and worms he always waits by his cricket cup in the morning but COMPLETELY ignores the other cup.... he will eat a dubia and worm if i put on a leaf infront of him but will not go near the cup... ive tried mealworms, superworms and phoenix worms... maybe the silkies and hornworms will change his mind i would hate to of wasted the time making another feeder cup for no reason lol any tips?

also anyone ever order from Coastal silkworms? any problems?
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Coastal silkworms is great. I've ordered from them several times and have been very pleased. As for the chameleon wanting the worms.. it's hit and miss ( or has been for me anyway). A couple of mine are pretty picky and will only go for them every once in a while. I have two though that LOVE them and eat them as staples. I have found they are pretty easy to breed as well if that would interest you. The moths are SO cute. Haha.. it's a shame they are fed off after their job is done. :( Here is where I got my feeder idea. This person has a ton of great videos. I hope this helps a little. :)


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silkworms vs hornworms

My guys will never turn down the silkworms. they do enjoy the hornworms too. i like to offer one silkworm to illicit a response. then i offer a hornworm and finish with as many silkworms as needed. you can offer a superworm in there somewhere also. they will usually all take a superworm out of my hand. silks and horns left on screen or branch about 6 in away. mulberry farms has awesome silkworms too.
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i actually ordered a pod of silkworms and a pod of hornworms yesterday shud be here tomorrow.... ive tried superworms my cham doesnt show interest in them, he eats a couple phoenix worms nothing crazy tho... hopefully he likes the silkies and horns
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