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The powder is vitamin powder because she kept eating dirt from the pots, I tried putting rocks there but she moved them so I put the vitamins down and it has helped.
So this is not something you want to do.... When we supplement we are using it to balance the calcium to phosphorous level of the feeder itself. We are lightly dusting all of them not a few. You said your using a calcium without D3. Hopefully that is the version. But this is the only supplement your using. So she is lacking vitamins and calcium with D3. This is probably part of why she is going at the dirt. But pouring the supplement over everything is going to cause an imbalance with her eating it straight. This is not what you want. When we cover the dirt in the plants with 1 inch or larger rocks. we are filling the pot to the brim so no dirt is exposed and so they can not easily move the rocks. This keeps them out of the dirt.

I recommend using the calcium without D3. Then buy Reptivite WITH D3. The reptivite with D3 should be given only 2 times a month lightly dusted on all feeders then immediately give them to her. So every other week at one feeding you give the reptivite say the 1st and the 15th. Then at all other feedings you use the calcium without D3. This way her supplements are balanced and she is getting what she needs.
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