Closed eyes

Latley one of my female panther has been keeping both eyes closed! I know this usually points to dehydration, but i have been giving her water like crazy! This was a very sudden thing. She wieghs around 65 grams, and is around 1 year old. Any help ould be great!

Chameleons usually keep their eyes shut during the day when there is something wrong...but I've never heard that dehydration was a reason.

Does she have a proper place to dig in her cage to lay eggs? Panthers can lay eggs even without being mated. Has she been roaming around lately or on the floor of the cage?

Is she pooping? Do you have a substrate in her cage? Is she eating?

When you disturb her does she go right back to napping again as soon as you leave her alone?
She has not been roaming the cage floor, but i will go ahead and put an egg-lating area in there for her.

She has been pooping, but not eating. There is no substrate in the cage either.

When i disturb her, she barley opens her eyes anyway, then shut them and stays in the same spot. her eyes arnt sunken in, but she just wont open them.

Could this be a lack of vitamin A?
Could very well be a lack of vitamin A, both preformed, or proformed. But not too much is known on this subject at the moment. So far its been suggested to give plenty of betaCarotene, and then a rare supplement of true Vitamin A.
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