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I recently purchased a jacksons chameleon about a month ago, and he has seemed fine until the past week or so. Recently he has keeped his eyes shut all the time and has become very lethargic. Right now i dont know all the specifics about his cage. He is in a reptarium with plenty of folage and is misted several times daily. He also recieves around 12 hours of uv light and heat lighting. Sorry for the lack of info i will work on getting the rest of it, but any help would be greatly appreciated!
What have you been feeding him?
What if any supplements have you been using?
Is the lighting you are using providing him with UVB exposure?
Has he been eating and drinking?
What are the temperatures of his basking area and ambient?
How old is he?
If you do not know the age what size is he vent to snout?

Eyes closed are a very bad sign and a trip to the vet might be in order.
Thanks for offering your help, unfortunately he died today. He was about 7 months old. He was only eating crickets, dusted with repcal. He did have a uvb buld, not sure what kind. His drinking and eating had severly declined. Unfortunately i jumped into this venture without the proper education on husbandary. I take the blame squarely and feel really bad for my jacksons, but it is too late. I do plan on studying up for awhile and eventually will get another chameleon, probably, panther or veiled. Any pointers and constructive criticism is welcomed.
This is a good place to start with studing. Old threads, past links can be very helpful. Feel free to start threads if you have questions. Sorry he died. If you really like them do not let that discourage you.
Well dont feel too bad. Jacksons are very difficult for a beginner. If you want to try again a panther or veiled is much easier. They are the heartier ones.
Sorry for your loss.

Did your cham have any sores on his body?

I am dealing with a similar sitution...
Perhaps try a veild next time. People say they are easier to take care of. I just think they are not as wimpy.
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