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It's been quite some time since I last posted on this forum. Nice to see everyone on the forum again:) My Archimedes is doing very well, went through a couple sheds, starting to get his big boy colours and just last month took his first adventure outside in the sun! What concerns me though is that he is now a full fledged juvenile and starting to mature into a big handsome man chameleon, but he still keeps this habit of climbing around on the cage top! Now, I've heard of young chams doing this to soak up some UV, but he just seems to do it for fun! When will he stop this????


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He might not stop doing it. I mean my year and a half head old veiled loved to climb all over cage and often times would sleep like that.


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My 1 1/2 yr old male did this the other night. Except, he fell asleep upside down like that. I was trying to figure out why he did this and remembered that i had let him out a little bit before bed time so my niece and nephew could see him. During this time my baby niece got really excited and moved around pretty quickly and erratic. I noticed this shook him up a bit so i put him back in his cage to go to sleep. I think he had gotten scared and instinct to climb to the highest point took over and he ended upside down lol, poor guy! Other than that i haven't seen him do it since i first got him and first started hand misting him. The water would scare him and he would do it while i was misting. Now it looks as like he actually enjoys the misting and tries to get under the showers. So haven't seen him to it in awhile, but it looks like mine only does it when scared or startled. On the other hand lots of peoples just do it because they like it, and possibly is the reason why your guy does it. He should be just fine, i would def be cautious of the basking lights in all though as to avoid any burns on his belly.
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