So I have my veiled cham in a 4 foot tall 27 inch wide enclosure, how would I clean his sticks, vines, plants, ect. I have all the vines and sticks hooked to the screen with wire. Should I take everything out and re wire it agian? Also have some zip ties together. Also what is best to clean with? Someone told me white vinegar and a little water.


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I do not pull everything out. I have all live plants and all wood branches latched with zip ties. I spot clean plants and branches everyday when he poops so that keeps down the mess. Then every weekend I remove him. I take hot water in a pressurized spray bottle to clean off the branches and plant leaves. I trim my plants if needed as well. Then I clean his drip pan with a quaternary cleaner being very careful to only get it in the drip pan and not on any plants or branches. I just papertowels to wipe this on. Leave it sitting to kill off anything then rinse and wet vac the rest out. Every month on the first I take apart the fogger, mist king reservoir and fogging hose to clean. I use starsans on those.
This episode was helpful for me as well
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