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lucky's one claw broke off,i noticed a small brown spot where her claw is, i started putting silvadene on it and her claw fell off. will she re-grow i new claw?
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i have had one chameleon do this, and seen a friend do it as well...

my chameleons claw grew back, but more of a rounded shape.

my friends chameleon did not have its claw grown back in at all.

so this one could go either way...nothing to much to worry about, just make sue it doesnt persist!
The toe(s) look swollen on the right front foot...or is it just the angle of the picture? Is that where the claw was pulled out? If it is swollen, I would advise you take it to the vets.
The picture I clicked on said "lucky" in the link.

My advice still stands...if the toe is swollen its a good idea to take it to the vet and get it debrided/treated.
she most have broke the nail off right befor the nail starts tahst why it most likely grew back
her claw did not grow back yet. splinter's toe looks swollen because of the picture angle.i will be re-screening all my adult veileds cages starting next week should i upgrade to a different mesh? i already plan on using aluminum mesh but maybe the mesh on their cages now is to fine.because i don't know how her claw got messed up ,it must not have been bleeding much at all,how could her claw fall off and i never seen blood,could her foot be rotting?or could she done something to it when she laid her eggs?
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