Clark's eye problem continued, with GOOD pictures!


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Hey all,

I have posted multiple times on Clark's eye issue and was referred to showers and terramycin. Well, Clark *HATES* water (he closes both eyes and runs blindly, falling as a result quite often), but the Terramycin has worked.

However, his issue seems to come back and the other night while he was sleeping I noticed his eye wasn't closed "right". I snapped a ton of pics so hopefully someone can guide me better....

This issue comes and goes but has been present since I got him. See pics. Included one for fun :p

EDIT: Compare the size of his right eye (problem eye) to his left eye in the first photo below! The right eye is clearly substantially swollen!

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Male ambilobe, had him since end of january (roughly 5 months old)
Handling - not often, maybe 1-2 times a week
Feeding - I offer him 10-15 crickets, he usually eats about 5-8 a day
Supplements - Calc daily; calc+d3 / multi vita on alternating sundays (2x a month each)
Watering - I hand mist multiple times a day (4xish). I see him drinking but not often. He hates water and usually just closes his eyes and runs....
Fecal Description - Haven't seen a stool in awhile (like 2 weeks?) generally ok although slightly yellow tinge to the urate the last time (so i reacted by misting him more often)
History - Had this eye thing on / off since I got him

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Free-range, pic attached
Lighting - Reptisun 5.0, heat bulb
Temperature - basking 85-88, ambient 72; night time drops to about 65
Humidity - vary alot, i can never get my digital monitor to read it but when it does its usually hovering around the 50% mark (when i am NOT misting)
Plants - Hibiscus, Ficus, Pothos, Money tree
Placement - Next to my computer on top of a cat tree (elevated) and next to the window outside
Location - Southern California


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Ok i couldn't help laughing at the last one, that is to cute.

Now back to Clark's eye. When he does open it, does he seem to see normally? Do you know if he doesn't open it or can't open it? Does he have matter in his eye holding it shut? I know you said he hates water, but I would get a large bottle of eye wash for people and clean his eye by just dripping the eye wash on his eye. Once he has the eye open I would again use the terramicin. I would make sure that you use it for the full time the vet said to do it. Then just keep cleaning his eye every few days. I have a panther whose left eye has had to be cleaned about twice a week for the last 6 1/2 years. he had an eye problem and we never knew what it was but washing it a couple times weekly seems to keep it "normal".
Oh yea he has no problem opening the eye. Sometimes during the day he will just sit there with the one eye closed but if I get close enough to him, he will notice and open it.

Other days his eye is open and just fine. Its just that when the problem DOES arise, he tends to keep his eye shut (but opens it when i come close as I said). when he opens it for me I apply terramycin and it is usually ok by the next day.

but if you look at the first photo, his eye is clearly bloated (compare the size of his right/left eye). he has NO problems seeing/moving his turret.
This is exactly what is going on with my ambilobe. Ill keep you posted with my guy and continue following your thread. I brought mine to the vet and ended up diagnosed as a respiratory infection. Can you see his saliva ever? Do his eyes ever have gunk in them?
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