Cinnamon on plants - yes or no?


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That really sucks. I'm sorry to hear! And @Klyde O'Scope is right! Cheap and fast growing!

Most of us go through plant issues in the beginning. I know I did and have my fair share of stories. 😂
It's alright! That's how we learn though, right? And after I posted that update I ran to Lowes and grabbed a few plants and spruced up his enclosure, he loves them! Hopefully these ones are better off lol


So as I was preparing to get my little guy I tested the misting system a lot…and for some reason I didn’t think to take my two pothos out…and they didn’t appreciate the water, I was advised by a friend who raises and sells plants that yes I did overwater them and to sprinkle cinnamon on the soil because it helps heal plant wounds and whatnot, however, I want to know if this is safe or not. I searched and found two threads on these forums asking but they were never addressed. What do you guys think? I would obviously never use fertilizers or plant food, and want to know if the cinnamon is safe before I consider using it, but while the soil has dried out I think they could use some help lol!

Any advise is appreciated! I can post pics of them if needed :)
I had a problem with ants getting into my male cham's enclosure. The bug sprays are starting to not be able to fend them off. I took a risk with cinnamon and mild chili powder, because it was either that or let the ants set up shop and eat him alive while he was sleeping at night. I dusted the soil at the bottom with both, and so far no problems. However, he does have a 4 foot tall enclosure, so he was up high while the dusting was happening, and so any time he has gone lower has been after the powders have settled. It took care of the ant problem. I am not sure what to do about my female's enclosure, because if she goes to lay eggs, that could give her respiratory issues. So, yeah, I think I would use a light dusting on the potted plants but make sure your cham is out of dodge for a bit afterwards to give any powder in the air from being stirred to settle. Then, in case yours would eat the dirt or dig through it or something, I would put large enough pebbles that he couldn't ingest them over the top of the soil.
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