US Chrome roaches(gyna caffrorum) available, a nice looking roach!


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These guys are very pretty, not so roachy, roaches. The colors and activity of the adults make an enticing snack for chams. The adults get to a little over an inch in length.

Very small nymphs:
under 10, $1.00 each
10 or more, $.75 cents each

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

(None of my roaches are fed with dog/cat food, or any other animal products)
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Just googled these. Still very "roachy" James lol. Where do these stack up as far as nutrition wise with dubias?

I just googled them as well, the Google pictures look terrible. I'll try and get a better one because the images online don't do a justice. If you hate roaches, you'll probably still find them "roachey" lol, but for someone on the fence, or that likes them, they are a very cool species and not as intimidating as some of the others.
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