Chomping down in the FL sun!


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Benedict turned 5 months yesterday! It's beautiful here in FL today so I let him sit outside on one of our hibiscus. He was on edge, trying to catch bugs so I put some crickets all over it and let him go to town. :)
Later I'll post a thread dedicated to his brother with MBD. He's almost caught up in size to Benedict and he's showing a lot of colors compared to before!




Beautiful shots and beautiful chameleon :) It looks like he is doing great under your care.

How's your other little guy doing?
Some really nice shots! Benedict is so handsome and looks like he's having big fun. My Sadie tries to hunt every time I take her outside. If she can't find any bugs she just eats leaves and flowers. :D
Thanks everyone!

Little boy is doing wonderful. I didn't get to take any pictures of him today bt he's grown so much since I've had him. He's eating like a pig and just finished all his calcium injections :)

Jann, that is too funny! Benedict shot his tongue and I was like, "cool! He's catching wild bugs!" Until I noticed it was a wasp he kept shooting at, aaahh!

Thanks for all the compliments guys! I love having a good reason to take photos! :)
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