Check this sleeping spot out! (Free range)

Curtis James

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So I have a panther chameleon who has his own room. He seems to enjoy life, loves being scratched when shedding and sitting on shoulder when vacuuming house. He has a cage with a basking temp at 97F and a mister that goes on for 5 min every hour. Through out the room he has one other basking spot at 97F but He tends to just sit on light bulb (not hot enough to burn him just warm, pictured) maybe he would sit on a hot rock? (Just thoughts). He eats every other day At about 25 large crickets, he’s a fatty but energetic and always on the move. Poops are regular with feeding (large) every thing seems normal there. White with some but little yellow. I wish I would see him drink more water but poop looks like he’s been drinking. He has slept in the same spot on the vine Since we moved into new house and his room is new and bigger! Today was different I found him on top of the oscillating fan (maybe wanting to be rocked to sleep) the fan was on full speed! Scary, he doesn’t seem to be hurt every thing looks normal. pictures of room below. Looking for advice on set up and ideas. He is my second chameleon, First one lived 7 years (veiled) with same treatment but this chameleon (Neal,panther) has a bigger room/set up and seems to be very spoiled!
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