Check out my freerange!


So I built Aesop a freerange; I posted it in my thread in the photo section but was advised that I would get more feedback here. Tell me what you think! Advice and constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged:D Also if anyone has any experience they can share about their range time:cage time ratios that would be awesome. Thanks!

Thanks, I saw those at king soopers and they are what inspired it actually. I'm sure you could do something a little less elaborate with just a few plants and some sticks or rope that you could dismantle maybe?
That's awesome. I have a hard enough time finding mine when he's in his cage, if I had to search through all those plants I would never find him, lol.
Yeah I'm going to have to keep a good eye on him thats for sure. So far he's only gone on the top part of the one closest to his cage, but it's only a matter of time
Bamboo is not on the safe plant list though. Are you sure that you should have that in there?

Depends if his cham likes to eat leafs...

Usually the culprits are veilds, but he has a panther. Aslong as the OP doesn't free range feeders, which I doubt they would then they'll have feeders running around the house lol. But if they do, just cupfeed.

Good point though, def something the OP should be aware of :) aswell as others reading through this thread.


btw great set up, wish i could do a lively freerange myself! Be aware of that bamboo pot, cham might slip inside. Just fill it up with river rocks or something.
Hrm. Thats weird, I could have sworn I saw somewhere that it was ok, or I wouldn't have gotten it. I was looking on my phone as I was in the store so I'm pretty sure, but now I'm only seeing bad things...maybe I'm losing it. Thanks for making me aware of that VideoMaster; I've never seen him show the slightest interest in eating foliage, although he licks pretty much everything. I'm going to take it out anyway though, no point risking it.

Thanks Gabe, it's an interesting ride so far, thats for sure :D Don't worry about that pot there is nooo way it would even stand up if it only had water in it haha. Not that it matters since he won't be around it anymore though
I like the pothos and the humidifier !! Great idea for a FR, if its not to late I would put some plastic down over your wood counter tops. I would be afraid of water drops on the wood from misting and droppings from your little guy :p
Thank you both! Yeah the pothos are what started it all, but screw that humidifier though. I had it for about five weeks and it just got louder and louder and louder until it was like a cell phone vibrating on a table. Then it broke down a few days ago and I took it apart to see what was wrong and the problem was that it was just crappy. Now I get to replace it! Oh joy!

Ahem, rant over. Yeah it is kind of it too late for plastic haha, but I'm not misting it. I'm still trying to figure out what to do about poop, except to be diligent and only let him out after he's had a bm recently.
We dont have the room for a free range. :/ Outside is the closest we get and the possibility of not being here in the next few years means nothing permanent for outside either.

I remember seeing on one of the safe plant lists that bamboo is ok. There is one type that is not good for them but I dont remember where I saw that either. Maybe sandrachameleon could chime in or PM her. At least a good place to start...
The kind of bamboo that you have is ok. It is a lucky bamboo which is in the draecena family and the edible plant list says all plants in the draecena family are ok.
Nice free range, and plenty of places to climb.

Only thing, you will never find him in there! ;)

I wish I could figure some sort of little, stick-on 'tail light' that would light up when pressing a button on a remote control.
Never loose another cham ;) :rolleyes:
Well now I'm just stumped on the bamboo haha. He's asleep on it right now, and he's going in for a checkup with ferritinmyshoes tomorrow so I will ask her about it

It looks great. You are off to a good start with free ranging. :)
Aesop looks like he's already loving it.

Thank you, a freerange compliment means a lot coming from you :)

Nice free range, and plenty of places to climb.

Only thing, you will never find him in there! ;)

I wish I could figure some sort of little, stick-on 'tail light' that would light up when pressing a button on a remote control.
Never loose another cham ;) :rolleyes:

Oh man tell me about it, he went behind the one thats up against the wall, and if I hadn't seen him do it, it would have been pretty much impossible to find him.
You all should be jealous because I got to meet little Aesop today and he's a stud! And so sweet! :)

As for the lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana), I don't think it is a plant that has been studied sufficiently in reptiles enough to say one way or the other about toxicity with certainty. I always go to tortoise information sources looking for plant toxicity because of course they are going to be much more up to date on plant toxicity with strictly herbivore reptiles. The consensus is that it may be toxic. This is the only source that actually has a 'why' behind it.
Common name : Lucky Bamboo (False Bamboo, Bamboo, Belgian Evergreen)
Latin name : Dracaena sanderiana
Family name : Asparagaceae (formerly Ruscaceae)

The False or Lucky Bamboo, like all plants in the Dracaena species, contains saponins (which are known to be toxic to fish and some other cold-blooded animals), as well as small amounts of calcium oxalate raphides. As the content of these harmful properties seems to be somewhat higher in this plant than in its relatives, we advise against feeding this to your tortoise.
Do not confuse this plant with the true Bamboo, which is a completely different plant.

So...potentially toxic. That being said, as we're dealing with a panther chameleon and not a veiled I'm not too concerned by it since panthers so rarely chose to explore their herbivorous side. If he starts munching on other plants I'd take it away just in case, but if he doesn't munch on plants at all I wouldn't worry. Even if he takes a few bites of it one day it shouldn't be enough to cause serious problems unless he eats a whole stalk.
Excellent! The setup looks good...except for one thing. The air conditioner is in the background of the whole thing! Careful when it gets hot and you feel like cranking the AC, hahaha. Other than that it looks good, I have that same humidifier and mine has lasted me for three years straight 24 hours running. Its some unknown Chinese brand, but mine has been good. As to the bamboo looking plant, its not bamboo. Its a money tree, and its on the okay list. I use the same stuff and it looks damn good.
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