Cheap QT cage!!


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Super good deal on QT cage right now.

18x18x36, for 48 shipped! Unbeatable deal.,eid-wuakzuqbuq&gtim=COG1-dfYkPbv0wEQyqa9wdPc1cQ0GLDEih0iA1VTRCiQlo7qBTC0q_4C&utm_campaign=6264244&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1MXpBRDjARIsAHtdN-3rOPfxZvdAKX0ONWd0QVFJ-Wgi84yf-fBYNXSPgP9mInJEfuCQS4QaAqYtEALw_wcB

It says 60, but there is a 20% discount right now, so it comes in at 48!

There has been alot of Talk abut Parasites as of late. Save yourself, fuss and money, get a 50 dollar QT Cage, with no live plants, and keep your new cham there, away from others. Spending 50 can save you Hundreds! No matter how reputable the breeder, Safety FIRST.
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