Chat Feature: IRC?

Chat Feature: IRC?

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  • I sometimes use irc

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  • I rarely use it, but have before

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  • what is irc?

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Looking at different options for a chat feature. Is anyone familiar with IRC? If so, post the network(s) you use.

irc chatroom link - your password is not required
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Hey Brad,

It would be great to see a channel for on EFnet or another decent IRC server. The live chat would be really nice for helping people out with emergency situations, questions, comments, etc. I'd be there

For those of you unfamiliar with IRC, it stands for Internet Relay Chat, which is used for chatting in "channels" with others, all around the world. All you need is a IRC client program (such as mIRC) and an internet connection (which you must have if you're reading this :p). Install the software, create a user name (or nick name as its called) and connect to a server and channel! This is one of the earliest chat mechanisms (started in 1988) that continues to thrive today. The chameleon forums would definitely benefit from this.

We actually used to have an irc channel on efnet - #chameleons. I don't think many people were excited about having to download and use a separate program for chat. Some of those that did try it had configuration problems; the learning curve can be steep compared to more recent technology. There was an optional java client that some members used, but the majority of people had problems with that as well. All of this resulted in an irc channel that was probably empty 99% of the time.

I like irc and have been using it for longer than I can remember. However, because of the reasons listed above I am not sure it is the best solution for this community. I guess if enough people showed interest we could try again and start a new channel.
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yeah its a shame not to use irc for stuff like this.... hopefully one day again. i know im ready for it! thanks brad.

I use EFNET for a few irc channels...once in awhile. Would for sure use one here though. Isn't there a plug-in for these forums that you can join from the site? Like a java aplet for irc?
I used to use it for stuff about 3-5 years ago, as for file trading and stuff, that stuff tends to overtake the channels i have been in an ultimately be tunred into something else...

It looks like a lot of people are unsure what irc is. The link above offers a detailed explanation. IRC is old, yet remains the best solution for large scale chat over the internet. When you join the chameleon chatroom, you are actually joining one small channel on a network of thousands of other channels. The learning curve of IRC can be much steeper than your average instant message program. One way to get around that is to use the automated java client available on this site. Some people unfortunately will have problems with the java client and will have to download a client/program. #Chameleons
i use it all the time on i think it would be great thing to have on the forum. it get kind of old having to hit the home button to see if anyone has posted.
We are using irc again. We have also replaced the java interface with flash. View the link below for more information.
Chameleon Chat #Chameleons
Tufat's FlashChat isn't a bad option either, only costs $5. It works well and has smilies, plus bunch of IRC features like kicks, ignores and bans. It's used on geckosunlimited and orchidboard.
I used to use IRC all the time. It is ok - easy enough to set up a room. Don't even think of ICQ, it is one of those programs that worms it's way into your computer and is hard to get rid of when you no longer want it.
I used to use IRC on for gaming. It would be awesome to be able to chat with everyone on there.
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