Charlie looking brown

Well Charlie is looking on the brown side today. I came home and he was under the basking lamp. Is there a reason why they go brown. Never seen that on him but I only have him for a week now.


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They will sometimes turn darker to absorb heat, but also could be from other reasons. How are his temps in the enclosure? Ambient and basking site? Also, do you have a pic of the entire setup?


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I agree, with ^^^ mine is always turning darker when basking. So that's usually the case. But once he sees me he lightens up to his normal blue within a good minute.


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Chameleons will oftentimes display more brownish tones than you'd expect from looking at characteristic pictures of the different locales. When they aren't in a state of emotional perturbation, they tend to look more subdued like you see here. And, like everyone else said, they turn darker to bask more efficiently.

When's the last time he shed? It looks to me like that dulling of colors could be characteristic of a shed about to come on
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