Changing my UV and Heat Lamp


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I want to change my heat lamp and UV lamps, what would you guys recommend ?

(Ordering from UK)

Thanks in advance


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Order the arcadia ProT5 with the 6% bulb. Get the one that will fit the width of your cage. So if it is 24inches get the 24 inch fixture. Then a standard dome fixture that you can raise off the top of the cage with a regular incandescent light bulb normally 75 watt is all you need. No LED for heat bulb so double check what your bulb package says.


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What cage do you have? I did some quick recon and saw that you may be getting a new cage but that your current one is glass and screen mesh. If you are using a glass cage with a screen top, then you might not need a basking light depending on lights used, or if you do have a basking light, a low-wattage basking bulb might be ideal.
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