Changing Cages


I have a 4 1/2 year old panther. I recently purchased a dragon strand cage off of facebook market place for a deal that was too good to pass up. I bought new plants for the dragon strand and have it all decked out. My question is will i cause any kind of stress to my panther by changing up his cage after he's been in his current one for years. He has his basking spots and favorite places to sleep in his current set up. The plan would be to use the lights and Mistking off my current cage and try to keep the basking spot and misting as similar to what he is used to now. Are there any tips or tricks you guys have for changing out cages? Thanks to everyone for their input in advance.


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Of course it will but it's a minimal stress. He will get over it in no time. Upgrades are always welcome. He may lose his appetite a little and he may not. I just change them no tricks but I do let them settle down in their new enclosures for 2weeks or so before attempting to handle them again.
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