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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jamelon, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Jamelon

    Jamelon New Member

    Ive noticed my nosy be has changed her drinking habits and was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing. I just recently changed the decor of her cage and noticed that there was a little bit of rust under where the dripper dripped through the mesh. I didnt want her getting sick so i used some of the tubing that i got with my dripper and fed it through the mesh into the cage. Before this my chameleon would drink off the leaves off of the leaves and what not, but now she drinks directly from the tube and nothing else lol. I mist her and she doesnt drink from the leaves but shen shes thirsty she will walk over and drink from the tube lol. Maybe she was raised before coming into my care with that setup i dont know but i just find it odd that she wont drink off the leaves anymore.
  2. Ace

    Ace Avid Member

    maybe your lucky you can see if she drinks and if she is dehydrated.....but test it out...remove the tube and start misting and dripper if she will do that,
  3. carol5208

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    my chameleon goes through weird stages of drinking also. There was a time when I could mist and he would drink from that and then he would drink off the branches and leaves and then he just plain quit drinking altogether in front of me for months and it drove me nuts. I would literally drip water on his head and he would not take a drop. His urates did not look all that good. Now in the past few weeks, first thing in the morning I move the dripper to where he is sitting and he immediately starts drinking whereever the water drips! I don't really care about the change, I am just glad he is drinking!!!
  4. Jamelon

    Jamelon New Member

    Id rather not test it out haha, if shes drinking im happy with that haha. As long as shes drinking im happy

    She hasnt quit drinking on me yet but she has become less active a bit though and drinking alot more water these days. I dont know if its because i changed the cage around or what but im keeping an eye on her. It also might be because im in the room most of the time studying for exams, might be stressin her out a little bit. but shes drinking lots so im super happy haha. One of her recent poos was really really watery, i dont know if its because shes drinking alot more. Her last poop was perfect so i dunno :p

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