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Hello all,
I hail from Montana.
Looking forward to buying a chameleon. Looking forward to being part of the chammie community. I’m either going to go with a Jackson or Veiled. About me: I’m not looking for sympathy or charity but I’m a disabled person. At times I’m slow and suffer from lack of comprehension, both audio and visually. So be patient with me. I’m not the greatest conversationalist. I mean no harm. I mean no disrespect. That's all for now.chammy007.


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Welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new here myself. I think I talked to you in another thread. A lot of great members on here.
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Welcome to the forum. I have seen a few of your posts. Tell me what are you wanting to get out of having a chameleon? I saw one post on a veiled and one on a jacksons. I am one year into this hobby and still would not take on a Jackson's they have extremely specific husbandry requirements. I have a Veiled and I adore him but they do get moody. Panthers tend to be better with their moods and are a hardier cham like a veiled. Both have specific husbandry requirements. This is an expensive hobby. I am in $2500 for everything I have bought for my boy. Yes you can do it cheaper but you do get what you pay for.


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Yes, this is definitely not a cheap hobby. I don't even have mine yet, and I'm in quite a lot. But this group is amazing, and I've learned so much. My biggest lesson so far has been to read, research, ask lots of questions, search the forums, and set up your enclosure before you get your cham. I'm borderline obsessed with just searching and reading in this forum, there's such a wealth of knowledge!


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One could get lost here for extended periods of time if you like to read. I love this forums.
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