chamforums is awesome!


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This fourm is the best. Recently aquired a white lip tree frog so gf & i checked out another forum. Asking about supps, gutload, temps... Awkward silence...
couple useless replys. Actually had to pm the moderator to get any useful advice out of the forum at all. Now I understand that chams requier more attention & reading but I dont think there is another reptile/amphibian site where there are actually arguements & debates about suppliment schedules & cross breedding panther locales or anything of that nature. There is such a passion here. I think that if I created a thread about a frog on here Id probably get a better response. This site has taught me more than ive learned about anything since I finished school. Thanks to this site Im more knowledge about chameleons than my job.
Yes theres many experiecced keepers on here. and theres no substitue for experience. I learned so much just reading this forum I bought a cham before i even joined and posted. I'm lucky though, my cham has been healthy from day one with zero problems. Hope i didn't just jinx myself.
Thanks, we here all enjoy the the give and take and the exchange of information. All the members add to the forum, some more than some of the rest of us, but we all do what we can. It can be a fun rewarding place for all of us.
The forum is awesome. I cant believe how much easier and faster info is exchanged nowadays. I was a member of the Cin in the dinosaur days before the www and it was almost impossible to get new useful info on these guys. Gotta love technology for the ease of sharing and exchanging information. Long live the Chameleonforum :D.
i've joined both a turtle/tortoise forum at one point and people would give no answers but keep asking the same question over and over. no one helped, period. on here i can actually get very good advice and learn a lot by just looking at other threads. i love it here!
This forum is amazing! another great thing i noticed is that people on this forum are so welcoming and non-judgmental. People are always willing to help when you express a passion/liking for any animal (especially chams ;-)
I'm glad this forum exists!
I agree that this forum is awesome. I joined prior to getting my first panther. I've learned so much and people have been very welcoming. Best of all-they TOTALLY GET my obsession with my chameleons! The only bad thing about this forum is that members take great pictures of their beautiful chameleons and I end up wanting more!
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