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thinking of getting a chameleon. any advice on whats the easiest breed to raise and are there 2 different breeds you can keep together. currently have a diamondback terrapin turtle and 5 axolotls. have read up on chameleons and know to make sure it is captive breed and bigger the cage the better.
I'm a new keeper. Here's my advice...

Read this forum for a while, read stuff online. Get studied up before you buy. This forum is great but don't expect everyone here to just dump all the info that's already out there that you can find with a little searching. The search capabilties of this forum are killer. Use 'em!

PICK A GOOD BREEDER! All of the sponsors of this site are great folks. I bought my cham from Mike at FL CHAMS.

Veileds are considered the easiest starter cham. I'd strongly urge you to start with a veiled. They're still a challenge.

About your enclosure - bigger ISN't always better. Baby chams have difficulty finding food in a huge space.

Chams like to be alone. Don't share space.

Good luck and welcome to the forum. :)
Yeah this forum is one helluva good resource. There really is a lot of information that should be known before hand.
Welcome to the forum!

I would advise you to start with a male rather than a female because that way you don't have to deal with reproduction. (In some chameleon species the female will lay eggs even when not mated.)

Here are some sites to read...

If your husbandry is good and you start off with a chameleon from a reputable breeder it should be with you for a number of years!
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