Chameleons eyes ?

Well, then that explains it. My Veiled dose not like the color red.
If you stand in front of his cage wearing a red shirt he will run for his life
and even hang on the back screen which he never does.
I have a panther that hates red as well. He is normally a very social fellow.. I don't think he knows he is a chameleon. He doesn't even flare up at other male chameleons and he won't breed. However.. wear a red shirt, and he fires up, puffs and hisses.
Red is opposite green on the secondary color wheel...I wonder if that has something to do with the reaction to red? Many people who are colorblind can't differentiate between red and maybe it has to do with the way the chameleons see color?

Chameleons also have a lens with negative refractive power (the only creature that I know of that has)....I wonder if that somehow affects how they see color? Does light refract through their lens in such a way that the colors are seen differently? Sort of overlap? (Putting light through a prism splits light creating a rainbow...lenses split light too.)

Can't remember if chameleons see ultraviolet colors...but if they do, another factor may be altered color vision...according to an article I read, bees see the range of colors that we humans see in different hues than we see....maybe chameleons do too?

Just rambling thoughts...
I used to feed Fractal out of a red cup. After I threw it away and began using a blue cup, he stopped eating crickets. I've wondered it that had something to do with his food strike against them?
My Veiled dose not like the color red.

I've heard this numerous times with chams and not just veileds. Never experienced it myself since I am not a big fan of red clothing.

chameleons send visual messages 2 eachother using colors & patterns. i bought a sweater with a photo of pissed-off male veiled, mine went insane when he saw it. now i dont wear it inside my house.
i think those are all hilarious stories!!! hunger strikes, and freaking insane-o chameleons, lol ( i actually did lol, lol). anyways, i dont like freaking mine out, cause i think its mean, but good to know!
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