Chameleons about to hatch


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I have my chameleons about to hatch. They already hit the 9 month period. I was wondering, what Kind of enclosure do you guys keep babies in without the fruitflies getting out and taking over your house?


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While mine were on fruit flies I used butterfly cages for my hatchlings. The babies could climb the walls but the weave of the cage was too small for fruit flies or pinhead crickets to escape.

Then I put them in a bit plastic tote, once they were done with fruit flies and were moving onto larger crickets.


That's a really good I idea, I plan on breeding pygmies so do you think it would work for such tiny babies?(the butterfly cage)


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I think so, yes. I used small ones (I think they are 10-12" cube cages), and I don't think that it would be too enormous. You might be able to find smaller ones, but I wouldn't know for sure. But they were the best solution to the fruit fly problem, in my opinion. So I had to culture fewer flies because none of them went to waste.
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